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The Daisy Pot "The Noblesse"
The Daisy Pot "The Noblesse"

The Daisy Pot "The Noblesse"

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When we think of Daisy, we think first and foremost of the Danish Queen, her royal highness Margrethe the 2nd. Among Danes it is a public secret that family and friends call the Queen the nickname Daisy. Our Daisy has been Designed by Bergs itself and symbolizes the strength, elegance and classical lines of the Queen. Furthermore, the name refers to the flower by the same name – also known as a Marguerite – with all its class, elegance and simple beauty. And so, our Daisy represents both the Queen of Denmark and a flower favorite to many. The pot comes both as a classical standing pot and a wall hanging pot. And trust us, you want to hang out with Daisy!

The Daisy comes in two colors:

  • Rosa: 25 cm
  • Gray: 25 cm
  • Saucer Included