The Daisy Vase

The Daisy Vase

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In the old fishing village Dragør, you can see the beautiful color play between the blue sea, the crooked ocher-colored houses, the shiny green windows and gates, in the small paved alleys from which we have been inspired by our glazed pots, jars and vases .

We know the green color as port green or wagon green. It was developed in the mid-1700s and was popular in historic urban areas. Here it was used for doors and gates on the finer houses of the market towns, but also on the horse carriages, benches and street lamps of the day.

In Berg's glazed collection you can see a hint of a bygone era. The colors are classic and saturated, the glaze highlights the pattern and character of the different models, we start from something older historically and develop it into something contemporary.

We use the good old-fashioned type of glazing, every pot, jar, vase is glazed by hand, in vibrant colors with depth and intensity.

Both quality and color reflect that the glazed herbal pots, like our raw terracotta pots / products, are made to last for many years to come, in honor and joy of future generations. Quality and good craftsmanship will always be a classic.

We offer the Daisy Vase in Yellow and Emerald.